A new direction for the readjack.com blog

Xackification added to this post September 25, 2010

Here in the early going of the readjack.com blog, I’ve followed one three-part policy for publishing content:

1. Any new stories (On the Johns, interviews, whatever)

2. Entries on the ongoing series The Bible: a newcomer’s perspective

3. Failing something new, alternate between OTJ archives and Best of Bear Down and Get Some Runs, both running from beginning to end

That’s been it so far. Basically, the readjack.com blog has been a reorganized, blog-version of readjack.com. The big difference, then, between this blog and most others has been my refusal to post a link to someone else’s something as its own entry, or just a “random thought” type deal, neither of which qualifies as actual writing.

Well you know what? That’s fine. No point in my accepting the blog as a suitable forum while rejecting the benefits of its specific features. Seems a touch stubborn. And now, in this twisting year of 2009, the first of the Obama era AND Great Depression 2: Cruise Control, the last thing anyone can afford to be is stubborn towards a new way of life. So let’s to it.


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