Interview excerpts with J. Gatz, Louchiano, Young General

Author’s note: The following are excerpts from longer interviews. The full versions can be found here (J. Gatz), here (Louchiano), and here (Young General). Along with E-Train, these three artists will be playing at Subterranean in Chicago’s Bucktown on March 4th.

I want to take you into the future, all right? It’s March 4th, Wednesday night, Subterranean, you’ve just finished your set. You’re walking off stage…what has the crowd experienced?

J. GATZtoenail-of-a-giant1

(laughs) Pretty much, they experienced something they probably didn’t expect. Something new, something different, something funny…I think the audience will feel entertained. Not just rapped at. Entertained. Like they just experienced a show, a well thought out performance, as well as experienced a true MC.


Connection. You want to feel as if for twenty minutes, or however long I’m up there, the twenty minutes went by like that. (snaps fingers) I want it to feel as if you got lost in music. You got lost in wordplay, you got lost in words. It just felt, for just twenty minutes, that nothing else in the world mattered, and you was just zoning. Not to say you was high, but kinda like, man, you just got caught, got stuck in the moment. It’s like watching rain fall. Like snow.

Outside of that, I just want you to be blown away. Not just entertained, but educated as well.

YOUNG GENERALyoung-general

They’ve experienced the best thing they never knew about. Something that is valid. When you see something where you’re like, “That was real. There was no way that could have been artificial.” And I think it’s something you know to your core—it’s something that I’m dedicated to and really talented at but work really hard at. You’re happy with what you get. It’s like when you leave a restaurant and you’re like “I feel like I got my money’s worth.”

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