33rd Chicago Public School student killed by gunfire

“A teenage boy killed Thursday evening had been playing basketball with his cousin at a Back of the Yards park when he was gunned down by gang members, the slain boy’s mother said today.”

Read the whole story at chicagobreakingnews.com


Some have argued that framing the killings of Chicago children as “32nd CPS student, 33rd CPS student, etc.” is unfair to the children because it leaves out any children who have dropped out of school and then killed, and unfair to the school system because the shootings rarely if ever take place on school grounds during school hours, thus giving an already maligned school system even more flack. Additionally, announcing these shootings as “33rd since September” already emphasizes the school system because it frames them within the school year.

I empathize with these complaints, and I am still sorting out how I feel about that frame. However, in spreading the word about this epidemic–and poor, black city shootings in Chicago are only a small portion of a much larger problem in our country–I find it best to maintain the “32nd, 33rd” count, because…

…it does indeed serve as a reminder that these are school children, even if the shootings are not a result of anything specific with CPS (and I’m not yet sure that’s the case).

…this is how the story is breaking, so for now, until I’ve come up with my own, better way to group these shootings, I am just going to roll with those numbers.

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