‘What is victory? What is the goal?’

photo by Azadeh Khastoo, from the 6-24-09 candlelight vigil at Water Tower Square
photo by Azadeh Khastoo, from the 6-24-09 candlelight vigil at Water Tower Square

July 28th, 2009, a letter to my new Iranian friends: “When the rallying began, the focus was on the election. Now, that focus has shifted to the brutality, violence, and jailings. In light of that, what is victory? What will victory be? What is the goal?”

9:52 PM–Victory would be defined as freedom for the people of Iran and by that I mean freedom to choose and verbalize their wants and desires. Freedom to wear what they want, practice or not practice any religion, watch and hear what they choose and be with who they desire. Essentially I want the freedoms I have for them, that would be the ultimate victory for me!

August 1st, 7:24 PM–Victory for Iranian is to live free, walk free, breath free, think free, love free, and most of all feel free.

July 29th, 8:30 PM–To me, we have already reached victory in many ways yet, we are so far away from true victory. The regime has been exposed. The fighting among the clerics is now in the open and has received an enormous amount of steam and seems to be growing. The people have gone from wanting a reformist president to wanting a new election to calling for death to the dictator and an end to the regime. These are all victories.

Likewise, the ex pat community is united in a way that we have not witnesed. We give them energy and they give us energy. We (international ex pat community) have further exposed the brutality of the regime with the graphic photos we display at the vigils and rallies. We have shamed them. I also believe that some of the releases of political prisoners is based in part due to the rallies and vigils. They will not admit it but I am fairly certain we had a part.

But what is the big picture to me? I’d like to see a regime change that separated religion from state. A regime that grants freedome of expresion and freedom of religion. A regime that abides by the Universal Declation of Human Rights. Until then, we have work to do.

July 24th, 2009: After the vigil at Water Tower, June 24th, I bumped into a man with whom I had first spoken on Saturday the 20th at the rally at Daley Plaza. Click here for the full transcript.

People are fighting for democracy and freedom. And when they get it, that’s victory. The victory is a free Iran. It’s been going on for the past 70 or 80 years. People want democracy, the only country in that region that wants democracy. And they’ve been doing it for 70, 80 years. The only reason they couldn’t be successful is because there’s a lot of oil over there.

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