Good brew and great tunes down in Bloomington…


The Union -- one of the sights.

Nice to be back in sunshinin’ Bloomington, heart of Indiana, wandering about my old walking ground. Beautiful down here, as always, and fun to be back seein’ the sights and takin’er in. Grabbed a burger at Opie Taylor’s and strolled in Rockit’s for a pop. (Slice tomorrow, I’m sure.)

Caught some music at the Vid, and a big shout goes to BBB & BGB Jugband for giving the exuberant Vid crowd a lovely night of bluegrass folk rock (I spose). The five man band (from left: electric, mandolin, harp, acoustic, bass) played a big-energy high-smilin’ show, covering Petty, the Dead, and Van Morrison, among others I could not place. Quality harmonious vocals from the harmonica-acoustic-bass trio, with nice pickin’ from the electric and the mandolin, and really, all five members proved handy with their chosen instruments. The crowd was singing, clapping, dancing, drinking, and cheering from the start of the set until my departure 40 minutes later. I have no doubt they danced through the night.

Three cheers also to our fabulous barkeep, who recommended a local brew called Upland and their Bad Elmer’s Porter. A smooth, delicious dark in a bottle. I had two.

If you’re in Bloomington, come on over to Howard’s Books this Saturday from 1 to 3, where I will be signing copies of Our President, also available on Amazon and around Chicago.

And finally: the band was donating the door to a Bloomington foundation called Stepping Stones, an “independent non-profit that offers transitional housing and supportive services to youth between the ages of 16-20.” To learn more, click here.


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