Avril Brown on comics, Eric Sirota on hip-hop, and news from Young General

Comics and hip-hop: a natural pair.

New work this week from readjack.com’s favorite comic columnist and hip-hop reviewer. Avril Brown breaks down the C2E2 Chicago comicon, a big hit with Ms. Brown and her fellow self-proclaimed comic nerds. One delightful bit has Ms. Brown describing the comic booty and other parting gifts she took away, including a corset. “That’s right, a corset,” she writes. “Admittedly it will take a bit of time for me to get used to an article of clothing which could crack my sternum if I laugh too hard, but hey, the Girls and I looked hot.”

Let’s head over to rapreviews.com, where behaving like a comic book persona is not always a good thing, at least not according to reviewer Eric Sirota. He takes on the new offering from Turbulence, a record called Secret Society that Mr. Sirota would have preferred to stay secret:

“Seriously. No more of this bullshit. It’s terrible. Not every song is terrible…

“But, for goodness sakes, a lot of this album is terrible. And it’s not just that it’s terrible. It’s that it appeals to the worst parts of its listeners – the parts that will believe that these rappers are “keeping it real” because they are black people rapping about drug dealing, murder, and hustling.

“I hate to say it because we’re all a little bit racist, but I’m just not racist enough to for this record. There are 20 rappers featured on “Secret Society,” and I just don’t believe that they are drug dealing, gun-toting hustlers. If it was easy for me to believe that most black people like to kill people and sling crack, then I would probably believe that Turbulence is “keeping it real,” but, I’m sorry, I don’t buy it.”

And finally, check out my man Young General making ink at freshnewtracks.com. Between album work, radio singles, and his live band FiveSTAR, this is a name Chicago heads will know by summer’s end. Count it, and one.


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