3 Quick Minutes… with Psalm One

3 Quick Minutes, with Psalm One

June 4, 2010, after the show…

At the Flat Iron building in Wicker Park with Psalm One. She has just performed three separate sets, each lasting 35 minutes, all in Dorothy Claybourne‘s cool, cozy, hot as hellfire Suite 212.

I’m going to lose my voice soon. And that is a sign of a fucking good time. I’m happy people came and explored the building, because people don’t expect a hip-hop show at Flat Iron. This has been months in the making, many months in the making. It’s only going to get better from here on out.

We’re set to do something that’s not just a one-time thing. This is the beginning. Come to Suite 212 every first Friday of the month when we’re in town and we’ll party. You might see me do anything. You may see me do 500 bars. The entire thing. (grins) You never know. That would be good, wouldn’t it?

I think the objective is to just have a good time. Because if I think too much about it I might mess it up. (laughs) We’re just gonna continue to do what we’re doing, doing a little more of it and trying to find ways to execute it a little better. As far as Limbs and Doug coming over here and spinning – they spin great tunes – I’m just trying to make my set better and better each time.

You came a couple weeks ago, and it didn’t look like this. That’s what it is: always evolving. Trying to figure out new ways to get people together in new environments. As things become more corporitized, it might become harder to have a good time in the places that you traditionally found a good time. I’m trying to offer a new place to have a good time and a safe environment for hip-hop.

Video coming… check out the Psalm One People with Passion interview here at the readjack.com blog


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