LEARNAPALOOZA 2010: The Chicago Skills Exchange


Visit http://www.learnapaloozachi.com and get involved!

Learnapalooza 2010 is going down this Saturday, June 19!

From 10 am to 5 pm, explore Wicker Park and build your skills! And we’re talking ALL skills: Capoeira Angola, Improv, How to sell your art online, Self Hypnotism, The Musical Zoo, Beer tasting, Family Zumba, Do It Yourself Fashion, Butchery, Hip-Hop, Improv, Salsa Dancing, Digital Photography…

More reports coming from readjack.com throughout the week!

Check out Learnapalooza at facebook and twitter, and for the love of pete, RSVP for a class already! I’ll be learning to knit from 2 to 3:45.

More description from the Learnapalooza site:

What is Learnapalooza?

Learnapalooza is a free, day-long neighborhood learning festival happening on June 19, 2010 from 10am to 5pm in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. Community members will share their skills by leading free workshops in various Wicker Park spaces that everyone can attend.

Anyone who has something to share – and basically we all do – can offer a class. Current classes include: yoga, salsa making, self defense, photoshop, beer tasting, Zumba, poker, and more! It’s a fun and free way to share your passions and learn new skills.

Explore our website to see the list of classes or offer to teach something. And check out our partner project CommuniTeach to see how you can meet with neighbors to share your passions and learn new skills for free throughout the year!


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