3 Quick Minutes, with… Eric Palm of Gunners

3 Quick Minutes, with…

Eric Palm, owner of Gunners on Milwaukee

Interview June 29, 2010

Eric Palm and Matchbox regular Layne Marsh celebrate the first beer sale at Gunners. (photo by Brenda Palm)

Eric Palm, owner of Gunners (1467 N. Milwaukee)

After years satisfying crowds of hungry, thirsty patrons at The Matchbox and The Silver Palm, Eric and Dan Palm are taking their burger-cocktail act to Wicker Park. The new pub opened June 29, 2010; while customers enjoyed the first rounds of burgers and drinks (my friends and I ordered cheeseburgers One through Three), Eric worked the bar, the kitchen, and the crowds, enjoying his first day as a restaurant owner.

I love the Matchbox. I cut my teeth there. That’s one of the greatest bars in Chicago. I always knew that ownership was in my horizon, but I just sat back and waited patiently because I wasn’t in a rush. I had a great gig working three days a week making full-time money. This deal came across our bow and we went for it.

I’ve lived in this neighborhood for 15 years. I’ve hung out in this neighborhood for 20 years. So I’ve seen it change. I know what it has. I know its strengths. I know its weaknesses. I knew that I could bring sort of a – not more of a “grown-up bar,” but a different bar. More of a hang-out bar, as opposed to a theme bar. People ask me “What’s your concept?” My concept is me being here, my brother being here, good people being here, good simple food. We know a lot about spirits and wine. The cocktails we are capable of making are phenomenal because of our background at the Matchbox and Silver Palm. It wasn’t uncommon back in the day for people to say all night long, “Oh my god, this is the best margarita! This is the best Cosmo I’ve ever had!” Now that we’re doing another place, we’re bringing all the firepower.

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