3 Quick Minutes, with… Teddy Grossman of Great Divide

3 Quick Minutes, with Teddy Grossman

Vocalist/guitarist of Great Divide

July 1, 2010, just after 9 PM…

Teddy Grossman, performing with Great Divide on Lake Michigan, July 1, 2010 (photo by Sami Mendell)

We are docked on the Mystic Blue cruise ship at Navy Pier, where Great Divide has just completed a two-hour performance on Lake Michigan. The jazz-soul-jam band started in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2007; three years later they are embarking on a packed summer schedule of show and cities.

Describe the experience of singing with your band, and you know, you guys started in a basement, and you’re looking over and you’re seeing the Chicago skyline from the lake while playing your music.

Man, you pretty much just summed it up right there. It just got to a moment where we’re playing into it. Just a moment of euphoria. I’m looking around seeing all of these kids I love so much… it’s just perfect. Literally. Unbelievable. Can’t beat it man.

Have you had a summer like this, where you’ve toured, where you’ve played –

No, no, nothing close to this. We met end of my sophomore year, my junior year. This is now finally the first time – as of this May – when we’ve been full-time. So this is it. We’re at the cusp of it, but, you know, we’re always looking to the next step.

Rest of the summer? For this band, it always seems like once we can all commit and do it, I feel like our potential is really high. It’s just a matter of putting in the time and reaching that point. It’s been frustrating the last couple years, as far as scratching at the surface, and then everyone’s pulled apart in different directions. Just life in general. So, it’s fun to actually be able to be at it full-time. And we’re still really not, even. It’s great: we have a lot of dates. But I’m looking forward to where we can even play 40 or 50 during a summer. We’ll see man.

Full story on Great Divide’s Lake Michigan boat show coming next week at readjack.com

For touring dates and more info on Great Divide, check out greatdivideband.com

Great Divide’s debut album Reservoir is now available! Buy it physical or digital…

And, because you deserve it: the band performing “Freedom Bell,” a track off the album, at Chicago’s LaSalle Power Co. this April:


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