3 Quick Minutes with… tweeter Katie Z Holland

3 Quick Minutes, with…

Katie Z Holland

Interview July 2, 2010

Professional Tweeter Katie Z Holland has worked for the McDonalds social media department since early 2010. She is a member of the Red Eye Royalty bloggers, and tweets personally under the name Hollandersauce.

A lot of the tasks we do are very mundane, and by documenting them and communicating in short verse, images or texts or posts or tweets, it makes the mundane seem important, and legitimate, and interesting.

I find myself – things that would have normally taken a lot to get out, as far as written communication, I communicate a little bit more concisely because I’m so used to having to fit into a character limit. I have more of a personality when it comes to electronic communication that takes from my real life, physical, me-talking-to-you-face-to-face personality… for a lot of people, it gives them another facet to their personality that they wouldn’t have had before.

A lot of businesses are starting to do social media. From a professional standpoint a lot of them are still new to it, they’re very scared, because social media can work in two ways. It can work very much in your favor or very much against you.

Like “United Breaks Guitars.” It was a little song that he wrote, because he watched the luggage people from United break his guitar. When he confronted United Airlines, they told him, “Nope, sorry. Whatever.” So he posted this little jingle on youtube that “United Breaks Guitars,” and it got about four million hits, and cost United about 180 million dollars of their business.

That’s a case where somebody used their voice, their social media, to speak out against a bigger corporation that normally would have remained faceless. There’s a certain level of accountability and accessibility that people are going to start taking on through the different outlets and channels of communication forming. Everyone has their own media company now. You have your own media company. If you’re on facebook, if you’re on twitter, that’s your small scale media company getting that message out to the public.

Follow Katie Z Holland on Twitter, at McDonalds, and at the Red Eye.


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