E-Train and Psalm One interviews: my debut at rapreviews.com

E-Train. (photo by Benjamin Schwartz)

Welcome, welcome, glad you’re here…

People with Passion is now at RapReviews.com! I am debuting this week on the hip-hop site with the E-Train interview and the Psalm One interview.

The Train interview is from February 2007, and has been re-edited AND updated with new material from July 2010, while the Psalm interview is from this May.

Both are excellent, and excerpted below. Shouts to MC Rota of the Nocturnals and Steve “Flash” Juon for making it happen.

People with Passion: E-Train


Rap is the ability to get a lot of information really fast, accompanied by music that can create emotional feelings that are attached to those words. It’s very packed. With singing you don’t have enough time to say shit because you’re… (pause) singing. You’re hitting notes, you’re holding that high note – whereas in rap when you’re holding that high note, you just said three sentences. You literally have tons of time to figure out what you want the listener to hear instead of just holding that note. You can really do that, and on a whole song you can get so much through. It’s awesome.

People with Passion: Psalm One


Psalm One. (photo by Overflo)

There is no gender line as far as that’s concerned. I like meeting dope rappers, dope rappers who are cool to talk to and chop it up with. I’ll say it like that. Sometimes you make friends in the rap game and you like them more than you like their music. And that happens a lot. So for me, finding a dope rapper who I can talk to… man. That’s few and far between. I cherish that. As far as females, yes, they’re inspirational when you come across a dope female. It reminds you of your competition, it reminds you that they are out there, and it reminds you that you all need to come together so that other people can know about you and you’re not so, like, “Wow, I found this great underground chick who may never make it, but she’s dope!” I don’t think it should be like that.

Also check out “3 Quick Minutes, with Psalm One,” an interview following her Woman at Work show from June 4, 2010…

Stay tuned for more of my hip-hop interviews at RapReviews.com!


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