Six songs for a travelin’ man

On the road from the Windy to the Smoggy… leaving Denver shortly; back on I-70 before Utah exploration… Vegas tonight?… in the meantime, let’s get to it.

1. Forever Young, Bob Dylan

2. Keeping it Moving, Tribe

3. Eyes Manouche at the Joynt (Wish I had this in the car. Come on Crane!)

4. On and On, Missy Elliott

5. Freedom Bell, Great Divide

6. Young Forever, Jay-Z


The Paris, Texas theme by Ry Cooder, as played by Jacques Stotzem… love this…

Also bumping in the car is White Sox Fitted, the soon-to-be released track from Young General, feat. Mikkey Halsted, Twone Gabz, and Lee England Jr. You’ll enjoy this soon enough. Full interviews coming from

And remember gang: If you don’t like the traffic/ get the fuck out of Chicago…


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