The Chicago Bears Random Game Of The Past of the Week

Marcus Robinson, seen here getting it done in '99.

Big shout to youtuber dross… the man’s got miles of St. Louis and Missouri related sports games in full, including this 1999 laugher from Week 16: Rams 34, Bears 12. Love watching old games in full, ESPECIALLY from Forgotten Magic Seasons. Since 1991, these would include, (in order of appearance) —

1994 Bears, 1994 Bulls, 1994 White Sox, 1995 Hawks, 1999 Bears, 2001 Cubs, 2005 Bulls, 2006 White Sox, 2009 Hawks

Other than the ’99 Bears, the rest of the above FMS teams either made the playoffs, nearly made the playoffs (’01 Cubs, ’06 Sox), or would have likely made the playoffs had a strike not wiped out the god damn World Series (’94 Sox). At 6-10 and featuring three pretty much evenly split quarterbacks whose names all start with the same letter, the 1999 Chicago Bears don’t seem like a candidate for a season filled with “forgotten magic.”

But that’s what made the 1999 Chicago Bears so magical.

(That was fun.)

I think I am going to have to watch this game in full and write about it. Yes, that will most certainly have to happen. For now, though, let me lead you to part I so that you may enjoy it yourself.

And, because I know you’re wondering…


Week 16 at St. Louis, December 26, 1999

QB Cade McNown RB Curtis Enis FB Ty Hallock WR Marcus Robinson WR Bobby Engram WR John Allred LT Blake Brockermeyer LG Todd Perry C Olin Kreutz RG Rex Tucker (rookie, first start) RT Big Cat

DE Van Tunei DT Mike Wells DT Jim Flanigan DE Bryan Robinson WR Warrick Holdman (rookie) WR Barry Minter LT Rico McDonald CB Terry Cousin FS Chris Hudson SS Tony Parrish CB Walt Harris

2010 Bears coverage from Jack M Silverstein

WEEK 1: Once a Bears fan…


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