3 Quick Minutes, with… Xack Gibson, Bag Fry Productions

3 Quick Minutes, with…

Xack Gibson, Bag Fry Productions

Interview November 4, 2010

Xack Gibson, graphic designer and commercial filmmaker, Bag Fry Productions.

“Initially I would go into things with just such a big picture, like “How can we make this epic?” And then one thing I realized is that a lot of great videos and websites and designs have a simple idea that’s just communicated very effectively. That’s really changed a lot of what I do. At the beginning of this year, everything was green screen, everything had to be ridiculous. And I still kind of like that mindset, but I don’t think the simple idea is always as bad as I initially thought it was.”

We have design that isn’t just going to be current in Chicago or Indiana, but if you take it internationally, it’s gonna hold up to those standards.

If you go for the local market, you’re gonna fail, and that’s what I’ve seen a lot of people do. You’re great around your friends or local peers, but that can only go some extent. You really have to be holding yourself to higher standards. When we look at our competitors, I’m not looking at local Chicago market. Sweden – like, “What are people doing there?” We take a lot of our design inspirations from Switzerland, and a lot of Europe. Just trying to see how our stuff holds up. We could care less about America, to be honest.

Oh my gosh. I can’t even keep up. It’s wonderful. Since June, I have brought on my business partner Nick Boyan. We have brought on several part-time associates who are, like, marketing representatives right now. Launched the website. One thing we did was, I was focused mainly on musicians, and we developed our whole business side. We’ve had some amazing clients that I never thought possible getting this quickly in the game. That will be coming later on our website. Yeah, it’s just blown up. It’s been wonderful.

I think for me, there’s been a lot of personal growth in projects. I think originally I would kind of go in and just do what I wanted, (laughs), because I could be very bad like that when it comes to my designs. More recently I’ve become a lot better at listening to what people want, and then combining that with a functional and yet very, hopefully, grabbing design.

Any project that I’ve done, I’m not 100% satisfied with. And I view that as a good thing. I don’t think I’ll ever be completely happy with my work. I go back and I’m like, (makes disapproving sound). That isn’t really that I don’t like it. It’s just that it’s a continuous process of growth. I think that point of view is why we’ve spread so quickly. Our desire to grow. We’re not content to keep putting out this stagnant, repeated design, or video, or website. Everything we do, we want to be bigger and better than the last thing, and we really really push ourselves to make that happen.

When you come to us, we’re going to make you something that is so incredibly different than what you’ve ever seen. We have styles. I have a style. Everyone that works here has a style. But really, every day that you put something out, you can see something different. That’s really important to me. We put out something that’s going to be a unique piece that you can’t get anywhere else.

Jack M Silverstein is a freelance writer covering music, sports, and community in Chicago. His first book, “Our President,” is available at Amazon.com. Say hey at twitter/readjack or facebook/readjack.

Check out more of Xack Gibson’s work at the new Bag Fry Productions website, or on youtube.


“Whammy” by Jason Gatz

“Paper Doll” by Jason Gatz

“Keep it Moving” by Young General (3D version, too)


Jason Gatz and Whammy at Double Door

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