’s Good Tunes for Two Bucks

Design by Xack Gibson/ Bag Fry Productions

Music lovers! I am beyond thrilled to present’s Good Tunes for Two Bucks, a collection of twelve terrific Chicago artists. Here you’ll find twelve great tracks of varying genres, among them hip-hop, rock, electro, blues, funk, and gypsy jazz.

Download for free at MediaFire! Hard copies can be purchased from me, with more distribution options coming soon. All sales donated to True Star Magazine.

I will be posting intros to each artist day by day, starting with track 1: “Get Down” by E-Train. Full track liner notes and Thank You’s below…

1. Get Down — E-Train

written and produced by E. Malo

2. Whammy — Jason Gatz

written by J. Shaw — produced by L. Holden — from EP The Indescribable Description

3. Fleetwood — Great Divide

written by T. Grossman and J. Liebovich — performed by Great Divide — from LP Reservoir

4. Where I Dream To Be, Briefly — The Nocturnals

written by MC Rota — produced by Lucca — from LP Next Time It’s Personal

5. Water Music — Spare Parts

written and performed by M. Bruno, K. Kozol, C. Scott — from LP Trio

6. The MILF Song — Phillip Morris

written by P. Morris — produced by A. Perez — from LP The Process of Addiction Has Its Costs

7. Stranger Here Blues — Mark Verbeck

written by S. Terry and B. McGhee — from EP Short Left Leg

8. Quickfire Challenge — Psalm One

written by C. Bowen — produced by R. Krums — from mixtape LP Woman at Work

9. Taxi — A&R

written by A. Kramer & R. Walker

10. Tinted Glass [feat. Jai Wil] — FiveSTAR

lyrics by R. Watson — music by G. Fundis, J. Leibovich, M. Longbons, M. Rezak, and L. Holden

11. Djelem Djelem — Eyes Manouche

trad. arr. by Eyes Manouche

12. Dance If You’re With Us — Tell Your Friends

lyrics by D. Schor — music by M. Baron, J. Gans, B. Meyers, D. Schor — from EP Live Around Here Often?


Along with all of the artists on the CD, as well as cover designer Xack Gibson, big thanks and appreciation to MJ, Mok, Z, Swifty, Carrie, Jay Gar, The Jimmys, Louchiano, Ronnie Bass, Ashley Good, Whammy, Dottie, J.D., Marvin Mentor, Eric Yoder, JNX, Lee England Jr., Casey Deeter, Phil Zisook, Matt Birko, Mani, Tim and Kurt, MCMG, Ryan Gac, The Torff, Deals McLeary, True Star Magazine, Debonair Social Club, Sub-T, Double Door, Music Lounge, Alive One, Steve “Flash” Juon &, Ben Ricci & Performer Magazine, Rob, Justin, Mom, Pops, Kara “Avon Barksdale” Mears, and Ishmael the Rebel.


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