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“Fleetwood” by Great Divide

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Great Divide -- "Fleetwood" (photo by Sami Mandell)

WHY IT’S ON THE ALBUM: I first had the pleasure of hearing Great Divide at their July 1 Navy Pier show, and was taken by their infectious energy and old school grooves. After putting together a narrative of that concert, the band and I collaborated on a much lengthier piece, in which I interviewed all (at the time) six members individually throughout their summer of touring. I chose “Fleetwood” for Good Tunes for Two Bucks simply because it served as a strong introduction to the band for new listeners. If you like this track, you will LOVE Reservoir, their debut LP.

Great Divide coverage from Jack M Silverstein

A Summer on Tour with Great Divide… EXCERPT:

JOSH TEITELBAUM It was great. It was a beautiful day. I really didn’t know what to expect. I had never been to Union Park before. But the way it was set up was great. We were on the local Red Bull stage, and our expectations of it weren’t that high, since it was – it was literally a last minute thing that they had put together, because I guess they had had a bunch of different local acts expressing high interest in playing and they couldn’t really do anything about it. They tried to get sponsors and finally they put a couple sponsors together to put together this Red Bull stage. And it was bigger and cooler than we thought it was going to be. The energy was definitely there going into it, and we were all stoked to get there and play.


JOEY GAON Yeah, it was a pretty usual concert. There was just a huge Red Bull logo on the back, and there was a lot of Red Bull back stage. So people were pretty amped up. But uh, we were kind of off to the side. There was a basketball court and a tennis court area, and we were set up a little to the left of the main stage. We were a little off to the side. It was right by one of the entrances, so every single person that walked in on that side had to walk right by us and at least get a little bit of what we were doing.

JOSH KAHLE Demographic-wise, it was a lot of younger kids, some hippies, typical festy crowd, I guess. Most people seemed to be enjoying it, you know? I think overall it was a pretty good response. Lot of folks in Michigan jerseys, so, usually a good sign. Because the band’s all from Michigan, and a bunch of their friends – it was a Michigan football game.

ERIC SCHINDLER We had a bunch of our friends there. But it seemed like some other people we didn’t know were also enjoying it too. I mean, when we first got there, we were kind of talking about how small the crowd was, like before we started playing, that there weren’t that many people there. We were surprised and disappointed. But it seemed like people sort of flocked over when we started playing, which is definitely a good pick me up, a good sign.

Yeah. You guys all said that was something that happened at the Michigan Peace Fest as well. Um, that’s good. That’s good to have music that brings people over. That must make you feel real good.


It does.


Great Divide at Schuba’s Tavern… EXCERPT: (from Performer Magazine)

Gaon, Grossman, Schindler, and Ben-Porat at Schuba's Tavern, October 23, 2010 (photo by Ryan Gac)

Lead singer, songwriter, and Philadelphia native Teddy Grossman dedicated “Freedom Bell” to “all those mourning the Phillies,” a reference to the Philadelphia Phillies playoff elimination that occurred minutes before Great Divide began their set. Still, if the baseball loss was stinging the fun-spirited Grossman, it was only evident in his own announcement. His joyful charisma was on full display, particularly in his love for his band mates, as he took great pleasure in introducing new trombonist David Ben-Porat to the crowd.


* Catch Great Divide December 3 at Double Door for the Chicago Blues and Bluegrass Festival

* Read Ari Goldberg’s review of Reservoir at Performer Magazine



“Where I Dream To Be Briefly” by The Nocturnals


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