Good Tunes for Two Bucks, focus on… Spare Parts’s Good Tunes for Two Bucks

“Water Music” by Spare Parts

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Spare Parts -- "Water Music" (photo by Xaq Mayfield)

WHY IT’S ON THE ALBUM:’s Good Tunes for Two Bucks is as much about letting music fans know what’s happening in the city as it is a celebration of the individual songs and artists. And on Thursday nights between Evanston and Gary, odds are the city’s best show is going down at Alive One, where jazz funk band Spare Parts is playing their weekly set. The three man lineup, strictly instrumental, consists of Kevin Kozol on the keys, Colin Scott on the bass, and Mike Bruno on the drums, with the occasional horn player joining in. The band’s following is as dedicated as any fan base for any Chicago act I’ve seen these past two years — Thursday upon Thursday, Alive One’s back room is filled with eager Spare Parts fans, all there to dance and groove and enjoy the tunes. “Water Music,” track five on Good Tunes for Two Bucks, is a nifty sampling from their wonderful album Trio, available for sale online. If you dig this track, you’ll dig the album, and you’ll surely dig their Alive One show. (Which, by the way, is free every week.)

Spare Parts coverage from Jack M Silverstein

3 Quick Minutes with drummer Mike Bruno… EXCERPT:

They pretty much go hand in hand. We enjoy it more when there are people here enjoying it. We try to bring new stuff so we’re not doing the same show every week. While you’re gonna hear some songs week after week, we’re always mixing up with the new stuff, trying to come up with as many cool covers that are enough off the beaten path that people appreciate it if they recognize it. Plus, with the addition of the light show, and now last week we had Craig do the video projections – it’s just giving people a good show, you know? And it’s free.

We’ve got some good, dedicated music fans in the city. We’ve seen new faces week after week. We’ve got our regular diehards, and every week they’re getting more and more people. Hopefully when we’re done with a gig, whenever that may be, we can play at any room and people are going to come out.


Check out more Spare Parts music at Youtube/SparePartsMusic



“The MILF Song” by Phillip Morris


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