Good Tunes for Two Bucks, focus on… Phillip Morris’s Good Tunes for Two Bucks

“The MILF Song” by Phillip Morris

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Phillip Morris -- "The MILF Song" (photo by Sammy Faze)

WHY IT’S ON THE ALBUM: There are many sides to Phillip Mo. He is political, he is sexually unfiltered, he is raunchy, he is poetic, he is rock and roll, he is community. So why The MILF Song? Because it is 48 bars of pure creativity. The premise is clever enough, so clever that many artists would have stopped there, dribbling out a few hot lines and a few cliches and called it a night. Not Phil. The drops are as strong in the first verse (“Turned you off is what I guess that I did/ ’cause now you’re acting all password protected and shit”) as they are in the second (“Old school file extensions that could pass for dreads/ plus she don’t fuck with pro tools cause she’s an acid head”) as they are in the third (“I love the way she multi-tasks/ let me fill your USB ports/ let me get you drunk enough that you won’t mind networking with another hub”).

To top it off, the beat courtesy of Armando Perez is catchy and delightful. I’ll go to bed with this motherboard any time…

Phillip Morris coverage from Jack M Silverstein

The Flat Iron Building fire escape interview, June 2010… EXCERPT:

Every time someone’s told me “I don’t like rap, but I like you,” that’s just proof positive to me that it is happening. It’s not like I’m the only dope rapper. The media likes to perpetuate a certain kind of hip-hop, a certain type of rap, so naturally that’s what the masses are exposed to the most.


The Darkroom interview, September 2010… EXCERPT:

I feel the need to speak upon these topics because we coast through life so often without addressing the obvious, the elephants lingering and stuff. They made a movie about that type of behavior once, a little-known film called The Matrix. Blue Pills give me a shitty buzz. I like the red ones. But yeah, there’s injustices going on all around us and a majority of the reason they continue to go on is because not enough people voice their opinions about them. Sometimes it takes the injustice hitting “closer to home” before people even get motivated enough to complain, and that’s just the beginning of the process. So commenting on human rights abuses and the presidency serving higher interests are a no-brainer… problems can’t begin to change until they are addressed. And they all affect us, whether we are aware of it or not. We gotta be better people, dammit.


Also check out a review of Phil’s LP “The Process of Addiction Has Its Costs,” written by MC Rota of the Nocturnals, for



“Stranger Here Blues” by Mark Verbeck


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