Good Tunes for Two Bucks, focus on… Psalm One’s Good Tunes for Two Bucks

“Quickfire Challenge” by Psalm One

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Psalm One -- "Quickfire Challenge"

WHY IT’S ON THE ALBUM: One of the veterans on Good Tunes for Two Bucks, Psalm’s debut LP “Bio-Chemistry” is nearly ten years old. I had the pleasure of meeting her this summer during an interview with her manager and colleague Dorothy Clybourne; less than a month later, I saw Psalm perform at a private show at the Flat Iron Building. By that time, I’d been bumping her Rhymesayers mixtape “Woman @ Work” on a loop, both in my car and at home working. It wasn’t just Psalm’s knock-out flow or dynamite drops (“Don’t Chris Brown me/ I won’t Chris Henry you”) that were keeping me hooked; it was her balls, particularly in track length. The moxy, the nerve, the chutzpah to pepper short tracks throughout the mix — love it. That would be the 52 second “Morning” — in the Track 2 slot, no less — and the minute-thirty-four “Quickfire Challenge,” the track we’ve selected for Good Tunes for Two Bucks. The song revs into gear with a flurry, goes 0 to 60 in half a bar, and kicks dust all the way to the finish, culminating with the dynamite video game drop, “Psalm One, I ain’t takin’ losses/ I’m like Ken and Chun Li mixed in with your favorite bosses.” Woman at work? God damn right.

Psalm One coverage from Jack M Silverstein

People with Passion interview, from May 2010… EXCERPT:

I got into rapping simply because there was a lack of good females. There weren’t a lot of girls in crews, and a lot of girls who would step up and rap sucked. I just come from an elitist sort of hip-hop background, especially from Chicago and the Midwest. We always thought biting was a sin, that being wack was a sin, and we always challenge each other to just be better all the time. For me it was not being like, “Oh, just another female in rap because they were underrepresented.” We were represented but not necessarily the best. I came in to be the best. My music at first was just a showcase of skill, whereas now my music is getting more introspective. Shedding more light onto who I am as a person, because I’ve been shedding light on who I am as a rapper for a while.


3 Quick Minutes interview at the Flat Iron, from June 2010… EXCERPT:

I think the objective is to just have a good time. Because if I think too much about it I might mess it up. (laughs) We’re just gonna continue to do what we’re doing, doing a little more of it and trying to find ways to execute it a little better. As far as Limbs and Doug coming over here and spinning – they spin great tunes – I’m just trying to make my set better and better each time.

** Psalm is now touring in Europe! Check out her schedule at her Rhymesayers home, and drop her a hello at Twitter/PsalmOne **



“Taxi” by A&R


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