January 3, 2011: Which came first — The chicken or the egg? Or God?

Time to Settle Accounts

January 3, 2011: Which came first – The chicken or the egg? Or God? Or the Universe?

Which came first -- God or Harold's?

Carrie and I lugged a weekend’s worth of bags as we walked to catch a cab. Among the items was a dozen eggs we’d planned on starting that morning, but had not, so they were here along with other unused New Years groceries, as well as our clothes and a homemade UNO deck. We’d ordered Harold’s for the first chickens of 2011, and that plus the presence of the dozen eggs got us discussing an age-old debate.

“You know,” I said as we walked north toward North Ave., “this really is a question of theology.”


“I think so. Have you ever seen the Biblical passage in which God created the egg? Why would he do that?”

“Right,” Carrie said. “God created birds, chickens…”

“Exactly. If you’re God, and you’re just making shit, why create something that required more waiting? Why not just create a chicken?”

“So people who believe the egg came first are atheists. That it?”

“I’ll have to confirm with my atheist friends, but yeah, that’s it. Evolutionarily-speaking, I can see an egg growing out of an organism and making its way to Earth, and then a chicken being born of that egg. But if God created the universe, chickens definitely came first.”

“Did you see the talk about this this summer?” Carrie said.

“Tell me.”

“Apparently scientists proved the chicken had to come first. It had something to do with the egg needing the chicken for creation. That only a chicken could produce an egg.”

“That’s interesting,” I said, “though leave it to a scientist to argue that God couldn’t create an egg if he felt like it.”

We made it all the way to the six corners before we found an open cab on Damen. Carrie motioned for him to pop the trunk, and she placed her suitcase inside and then joined me in the backseat.

“Of course,” I said as she sat down, “this means that God and the universe has some potential chicken and egg debate to it, right?”

“No time for that,” Carrie said. “We’re off to Lakeview,” she told the driver, “but first, we have a pickup waiting at Harold’s Chicken, over here on Milwaukee. We’ve got a debate to settle.”

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4 Replies to “January 3, 2011: Which came first — The chicken or the egg? Or God?”

  1. Did the first humans have bellybuttons? And if someone were to have chopped down one of the first trees that was created, would that tree have had those rings found inside of it?

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