January 16, 2011: Will there be pretzels?

Time to Settle Accounts

January 16, 2011: Will there be pretzels?

The Super Bowl is a different story.

“And are you coming with me to watch the Bears?” I ask Carrie when we wake up.

“Can I bring a book?”

“No one else will be reading.”

“What does your mom do?”

“She watches and cheers.”

“I will come next week,” she says.

“This could be the last game,” I say.

She smiles. And then she says, “I do not like football. It is booooooring.” She drags the ‘o’ in booooooring to whiny perfection. “I will watch the Super Bowl, because those are parties, and parties typically have wings.

“Plus maybe there will be parents, and they will have babies or other toys.

“There are commercials and a half time show.

“And we can talk and laugh and not be shushed.”

She laughs and flips her hair. “That is right. That is what football should be.”

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