Time to Settle Accounts

March 24, 2011: Satisfaction.

We are working at the office when General’s friend Jeremy and then Blink and Peter from the Ambulance Factory come over to listen to tracks and discuss the day’s events. Blink is a rapper, wirey and full of conversation, and he starts telling us about his excitement for the upcoming weekend based on his success in the previous one.

“You know what I like?” he said. “A good meal, and a good smoke, and a good sleep. That’s it. I go out and I’m drinking, and I wake up the next day angry and uncomfortable, you know? A good meal,” he paused, and he looked down at the empty table in front of him and admired a meal. “We went to Texas de Brazil, and – ”

“I just went there!” I exclaimed. “We had the best key lime pie we’d had in three months. Along with all the meats,” I added.

“Oh man,” he said, leaning back in a smile.

He went on: “You go to a place like that, and you wake up happy. You sit with your friends, your family. You’ve got the memory, you know? When you’re drinking, you don’t. I appreciated the time you take with the meal. I showed up with seventy dollars and knew the night would be fun. When I saw the bill, I was happy it was that much. It was worth it.”

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6 Replies to “Satisfaction.”

  1. I agree for the most part. However, drinking in moderation with great food absolutely enhances the food and the total experience. If this writer can’t remember his meal the previous night because he drank, he just drank too much. He oughta try again. Let him put some of that money he brought into a nice wine paired with his main course. And savor it slowly.

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