3 Music Videos You Haven’t Seen Yet — 27 APR 2011

I’m excited to announce the lineup for tomorrow’s 3 Music Videos You Haven’t Seen Yet, at ChicagoNow’s Lists That Actually Matter! This week, we’ve got videos for “Backwater Town” by Derek Nelson & The Musicians, “Mean Old Dog” by Go Long Mule, and “Snow Night” by Young General. Videos below…

This is my second such contest — on April 13th, Akasha’s “Ooh U Got Me” topped offerings from Loyal Divide and Que Billah. Photographer and director of the Akasha video Josh Kalven and I sat down for a People With Passion interview a few days later, a story I posted on April 20th. The winner of this week’s contest gets the same next Wednesday, so check out these great videos and enjoy the music.



Want to nominate a video? Email me at jack@readjack.com, or use hashtag #3MV @readjack.


“Backwater Town” by Derek Nelson & The Musicians, (bandcamp)

“Mean Old Dog” by Go Long Mule, (reverbnation)

“Snow Night” by Young General, (twitter)

About the videos, and a personal note:

The first two videos came to me via nomination, and the third I am personally excited about, it being from my friend Young General’s Chicago debut. It has been great fun watching so many musicians up close over the past two years. Some are old friends who’ve been in music for years, some are old friends whose talents I only recently learned, some are new friends, and some are simply colleagues. Regardless, I’ve enjoyed being front and center for the creative process of so many others. Thanks to all!

And finally, very excited about the latest People With Passion: actor Matthew Modine! He and I exchanged emails discussing his Full Metal Jacket Diary and his relationship with Stanley Kubrick. This was definitely a personal favorite interview for me :) Lots of great material about filmmaking, cinema, and Kubrick’s technique…



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