Sports fans.

Time to Settle Accounts

April 26, 2011: Sports fans.

A bummed out Spurs fan.

Ricky grew up in Austin, Texas and moved to Buffalo Grove in 8th grade, 1995, the beginning of the second three-peat. His Spurs were competitive, but no Finals, no rings. Now, after a decade of championships and another #1 seed, San Antonio trails 8th seeded Memphis 3-1, while the Bulls lead Indiana 3-1, with a shot to close tonight.

And so it is that after a day of online activity that I turn to Ricky and say tactfully as possible, “SPURS! …man. What is that?”

“You know,” he says, “with all of this mixtape stuff going on, I didn’t pay attention to the Spurs at all.” He laughs, both free and surprised. “That sounds odd, I know.”

“No, that’s good,” I say. “Your shit should be more important.”

We were all very excited about G’s mixtape. Every element – lyrics, beats, features, title, cover art, music video – and as we launched it and listened to it, G’s phone kept beeping as response came in. A friend of the group even came over to have his first listen in house.

He was on his way to a bar to watch the Hawks, (we were headed out to watch the Bulls), and he was wearing a throwback Jonathan Toews jersey.

“Nice jersey,” Ricky says.

“I considered not wearing it,” he says, “but then I thought, ‘You know? This is Game 7. Big game.’”

Ricky laughs. “I know exactly what you mean.”

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