3 Music Videos You Haven’t Seen Yet — 11 MAY 2011

It’s time for “3 Music Videos You Haven’t Seen Yet” at ChicagoNow’s Lists That Actually Matter, and we’ve got three good ones. “Dreams of a Winner” by Blink, “Goodbye” by NightLife, and “They Saw Those Lights” by Louis and The Hunt.

As always, the winner gets a People with Passion interview with me, Jack M Silverstein. In cases when I’ve already interviewed the artist, I will interview the video’s director. This week’s videos are below, along with the previous winners and winning interviews. Thanks as always for nominating!



Want to nominate a video? Email me at jack@readjack.com, or use hashtag #3MV @readjack.


“Dreams of a Winner” by Blink, (website), directed by Fly Kite Media.

“Goodbye” by NightLife, (website), directed by Xack Gibson.

“They Saw Those Lights” by Louis And The Hunt, (twitter), directed by JM Harper.

NOTE ON THE VIDEOS, and links to the previous winning interviews.

This is a special week at “3 Music Videos” — for the first time, we are running a video that was submitted by a reader of the series. “They Saw The Lights” comes from director JM Harper, who contacted me on twitter on April 13, the day of the contest’s premier. Artists and directors!! Please send your videos!

APRIL 13 WINNER — “Ooh U Got Me” by Akasha

My original interview with Akasha lead singer Cosmos Ray.

My 3MV interview with director Josh Kalven.

APRIL 27 WINNER — “Mean Old Dog” by Go Long Mule

My 3MV interview with lead singer Ryan Anderson. (ReadJack version, Performer Mag version)

* And finally…

Like the president of the Hair Club For Men, I’m not only a music writer, but also a music promoter, so grab a free download of Young General’s fantastic mixtape Hip-Hop 4 Adults vol. 1 at younggeneral.com! And look for Vol. 2 June 27…


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