Taj Gibson son.

Time to Settle Accounts

May 16, 2011: Taj Gibson son.

C'mon son.

I got to headquarters and immediately turned the talk to hoops.

“Taj Fucking Gibson!” I said as I dropped my backpack and set up my computer.

G grinned. Ricky shook his head. “Unreal.”

“That second one blew me away,” I said.

“The second dunk?” Ricky asked.

“Yeah man. The first was dope, but the second was – ”

G leapt out of his seat. “C’mon son! First one!”

“First one,” Ricky said.

“He dunked on Wade.” G acted out the play, Watson driving and flipping back to Gibson. “Watson flipped it back to him – BOOM! That’s how LeBron gets all his easy dunks. Trailer son.”

“The Wade dunk was dope,” I said. “But come on, rebound put-back! In traffic. One hand son!”

“Yeah, but he wasn’t challenged,” Ricky said.

“C’mon son!” G exclaimed. “See, it was cold because Wade’s one of those dudes who will challenge a dunk and go for the block.”

“Right,” said Ricky. “To take the dunk right in his face, jaw-to-jaw, eye-to-eye. Man…”

“You know it’s a hot dunk when dude who got dunked on looks up at the jumbotron and nods his head, like, ‘Yeah motherfucker, that was a hot dunk.’ Your kids be calling you after that – ”

“‘Daddy,’” I said, “‘you got dunked on!’”

“‘Daddy, you got dunked on,’” G said. “God damn right.”

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