Take what you can get.

Time to Settle Accounts

June 14, 2011: Take what you can get. 

The man stood at the end of the counter at the Genius Bar at the North and Clybourn Apple store yelling into one of the store’s desk phones. “The sign above my space said ‘Parking for Bank of America customers.’ I know where I parked… No, I want you to pay for it. You unlawfully towed my car.”

He went on like this for another two minutes, never quite losing his cool, never quite believing that someone else’s negligence could derail his day. “The bank manager won’t even talk to the police,” he said to an Apple employee. “She keeps skirting his questions because she knows she messed up. The only reason I came to that bank and not the one by me was because I had to come here too. I parked, walked over here to make my appointment, and then walked back to the bank, because I’d have some wait time before you guys were ready, you know?”

The Apple employee nodded in support.

“So I come over here, make my appointment, and when I get back my car is gone.” He shook his head and made a flustered sound with his lips. “They must have had a guy hiding out there with a stop watch or something. Just ridiculous.”

“I’m really sorry,” she said.

“So now the cops are over there trying to talk to her, trying to get them to pay I guess.”

“You can sit here until they’re done,” she said.

“I’ve got no other choice have I?” He shook his head once more and sat down on the stool. “Everybody just trying to make a buck in this country,” he said. “I just got caught in it this time.”

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