Rest up.

Time to Settle Accounts

July 11, 2011: Rest up.

On my walk to headquarters the day after the Fourth, I ran into Lawrence outside of the Walgreen’s.

“Hey Jack.”

“Hey Lawrence. How was the weekend?”

He flashed a smile of relief. “Quiet.”

“See any fireworks?”

“On TV.”

“That it?”

“That’s all I wanted.”

“Where are you staying now?”

“Spot downtown. Used to be on the hotel side. Now I’m on the apartment side.”

“Nice change?”

“Oh man… Nice and quiet. There was so much noise on the hotel side. Now I come home and I can rest. It’s a little more on the rent, but it’s worth it.” He smiled at two shoppers entering Walgreen’s. “StreetWise!” They nodded and he looked back at me. “Plus I’ve got air conditioning now. Shelled out a little more for that, but I’m not sweating anymore.” He smiled again. “Just a nice place to rest.”

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