Getting to know you.

Time to Settle Accounts

July 21, 2011: Getting to know you.

It was just past 2 a.m. when Train called and said, “Hey bro. I’m downstairs.” He and my brother were flying in from Los Angeles, though on different flights; Train landed a few hours earlier and kicked it with his sister, who had work the next morning, so he then came over to my place to wait for Mike, who was presently in a cab departing Midway.

I hadn’t seen either of them since December.

“Hey brother!” I said when I opened the door. “Good to have you!” And we made our way upstairs.

“It’s hot here,” Train said.

“Been that way for a week. Maybe more.”

“Even with the sun down.”

“Yep.” We walked in. “I was just speaking with our pal Mr. Mokhtari about my hatred of airports and flight.”

He laughed. “Mine was actually great. I flew Virgin Airlines. They’re all tied in with Virgin Records, Virgin Mobile, all that. Very cool airline. There were all these crazy blue and purple lights filling the plane. I thought I was in a dance club. Then each seat had a TV in it, with a video game controller that popped out of the seat. And on the other side of the controller was a keyboard for texting and everything. Of course, everything on the screen cost money – ”


“…so I didn’t use any of it. But it was sweet.” He plopped down on the couch. “Great women too. I was in an aisle seat, and asked to switch to a window, so they moved me to a spot in the back with no one sitting next to me, so as the place was filling in I kept wondering who was going to sit with me. You know, watching each person and going, ‘Uhh… not you… not you…’ So what happens? No one sits next to me, and across the aisle come these two fine women, about our age, teachers from Los Angeles coming to Chicago to kick it for the weekend.

“One of the them took out an iPad and started flipping around while she was talking to her friend, and she hit something and this huge screenshot of boobs popped up.

“I said, ‘Whoa! Porn!’ and the girl looked down and freaked. ‘My surgery!’ and she flipped the pic away.

“That was my intro. It’s a perfect icebreaker. There’s no pretense or anything awkward once you’ve seen a girl’s boobs on an iPad. Only way to fly.”

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