Melee in Bucktown, spotlight on: Gatz-n-Goods

Melee in Bucktown * July 22, 2011 at Debonair * Free Show

Spotlight on: Gatz-n-Goods

“That’s what I live for. That’s why I do it. I told Mike I’ll do this show for free. I want people to be like, ‘Yo, that dude can rhyme. That dude’s dope. I’ll fucks with him.’ That’s it. It’d be great to make money, but I live for being on stage and being appreciated. I just want people to know that I’m dope and that I’m good at rhyming. So that somebody will be like, ‘Yo, when Gatz said this and that…’ I want to be an inspiration. I’m not saying a role model – I’m just saying I would love to be an inspiration to the next generation of hip-hoppers and MCs. I’m not saying they should do everything that I did, but maybe I’ll inspire them to write one of their best lines. That’s what’s up for me.”

— Jason Gatz, February 23, 2009

“I don’t plan any of that. It’s all different and improv – every time, it’s alive. I love to perform. I love to be on stage and sing and feel people. I use myself as an audience, and I vibe and groove with it. I’m from jazz and soul and blues and stuff like that. It takes its own direction. It takes the lead. It’s my man, the music.”

— Ashley Good, August 17, 2010

One more day until the best show the Chi has to offer. Now it’s time to meet the Melee’s special guests, starting with Gatz-n-Goods. What? You wanted to start with E-Train? I’m sorry bout that. Whammy.

Aw Yeah, at Debonair, Dec. 2010

Gatz-n-Goods at Double Door, Sep. 2010


Paper Doll

Gatz-n-Goods at Abbey Pub, June 2011

Higher, at Double Door, Sept. 2010

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