1st Ward fundraiser at Jackson Junge Art Gallery, with Ald. Joe Moreno and Eyes Manouche

This Thursday, Aug. 11, I am hosting a fundraiser at the Jackson Junge Art Gallery for 1st Ward schools, in association with Alderman Proco ‘Joe’ Moreno and the 1st Ward. Eyes Manouche, one of my favorite bands in the city, will be playing an acoustic set. $5 at the door, with donation baskets ready. Come on out and meet a great public servant, hear some great music, look at some beautiful artwork, and enjoy a fabulous night of community and entertainment!

Take a look below for my interviews with those involved, along with some clips of Eyes Manouche.




From February 17, 2011, in Our Urban Times

People with Passion: Alderman Proco ‘Joe’ Moreno

EXCERPT: I’ve talked about city services – Mrs. Davis, who is in her mid-70s, came in to see me. I’ve only met her once. She was visibly shaken, distraught, and she said, “I don’t know what I’m going to do Alderman. The lot that I own next to me, my son has left me, and I don’t know how I’m going to mow it.” That’s what her worry was. She had sleepless nights thinking about tickets she couldn’t afford, and I said, “You know Mrs. Davis, we’ll mow it once a month. Don’t worry about it. We’ll be over there and we’ll mow it.” And she comes in almost every other Tuesday, she’ll bring me a muffin, she’ll bring me something.

It’s just very humbling to know that that’s what she’s worried about. That’s what she said: “I can’t sleep the last few nights.” It humbles you to realize that when you’re having dinner with the president of China – and that was an interesting experience, don’t get me wrong – but that’s the every day win for me: Mrs. Davis. I could tell you one hundred stories similar to that. Because now she’s a happy person, she’s an election judge because she’s retired. She loves doing that. The more stories that I can compile and hear about the other Mrs. Davises, I’ve done my job. And hopefully some of the broader policy that I spoke about – you know, I’ll walk and chew gum at the same time – but that’s what the 1st Ward does to me on a daily basis.


From October 11, 2010

3 Quick Minutes, with… drummer Daniel Crane of Eyes Manouche

EXCERPT: We want to get Eyes Manouche out there. We’ve got some people from San Francisco calling us. They’re playing us on Detroit radio right now. You know, it’s about traveling. Chicago bands, (pause) – you can only do so much in the city. Once you leave, then when you come back, you’re a commodity. You’re like, “Oh, these guys are back in town. I’m gonna come and check them out.” But if we’re playing seven times a month, then it’s like, “Well, I can see them whenever.” Our next step is getting out of Chicago, and then coming back. Also making a CD. That’s important for us.


From November 11, 2010

People with Passion: Chris Jackson & Laura Lee Junge of the Jackson Junge Gallery

CHRIS: Promoting the arts has always been a big part of my life, and then it turned into selling, which is a completely different thing. Totally different. And that’s really where Laura, like most artists – you know, they love to paint, hate to sell. And I do like people, which made it easier for me. We made a good team.

LAURA: There’s a strong desire in me to want to connect. I know that if I paint completely what it is, that’s not going to be so interesting to other people. So what is interesting to somebody else? I don’t paint just for myself. Yes, the issues might be personal. I try to step beyond that and say, “What can a viewer bring to it that doesn’t necessarily have to relate to what my story is?” It’s my story, but not so clean that it has to be just that. A person could maybe find that connection, or could completely find their own story in that image.


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