I once had dreams.

Time to Settle Accounts

September 7, 2011: I once had dreams.

On August 21st I woke up at 5:30 a.m. with a dream sharp in my mind. It was one of my many odd, vivid dreams, this one a protagonist dream in which I was “taken on a journey by some sort of mythical force.” The dream incorporated elements of Back to the Future Part II, The Matrix, South Park, Harry Potter, and Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac to the Lord. It was standard fare for me, but, I thought when I awoke, perhaps others would enjoy it, so for the first time ever I tweeted my dream.

I wrote the hashtag #dreamsijusthad and began writing in short bursts, my computer on my bed as I tore through my memory. I’d always been blessed with supernatural, super-expressive dreams, and now I had a tool to quickly share them before falling back asleep.

This was good.

But since that time I’ve been stripped of my dreams. I wake up with scraps of scenes and dialogue, if anything at all. The landscape is void. I have nothing.

I wondered if this was because I violated some sort of dream contract I made unconsciously long ago, perhaps in fact in a dream.

So I discontinued my dream tweets, and last night, my dreams returned! This was a two-parter featuring a highly memorable denoument and an intriguing framework, a storyline with dueling protagonists lifted from real life which, of course, creates a need to study symbolism and meaning.

Still, I’ve learned my lesson. No more online dream sharing. Which is too bad, because I think I have a rather interesting subconscious. You’d like it.

But that’s okay. I’m dreaming again.

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