Good Tunes for 2011

Last year I released Good Tunes For Two Bucks, a compilation of 12 songs from 12 Chicago artists. Due to time, budgets, and schedule constraints, I am not releasing a mixtape for 2011. But who cares? Here are 21 artists I had the pleasure of meeting/interviewing/working with/listening to in 2011, mostly Chicago artists along with some non-Chicagoans I covered.

These are not necessarily songs that were released this year, (though most are) but rather songs and artists that I discovered in 2011. Below is a six-pack snack pack. For the full list, please hit up Happy New Year! Be safe, have fun, drink champagne.

Akasha — “Ooh U Got Me”

Blink feat. Prince Jericho — “Spark It Up”

Go Long Mule — “Mean Old Dog”

Loyal Divide — “Vision Vision”

Mississippi Gabe Carter — “Black Woman”

Psalm One — “I’m My Favorite”


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