New day.

Time to Settle Accounts

January 9, 2012: New day.

I got home at 5 PM, dead tired. I’d been up coughing the night before, and then was at Marshall High School at 9 AM to observe two teachers for a new interview series. I’d taken some hydrocodene cough medicine in the morning knowing I was no use at school as a cougher. This left me drowsy, not a good mix after a night of interrupted sleep.

When I got home my plan was to take a nap and then to write the day’s story. I had one worked out about missing the Tebow game-winner the night before while out to dinner with my folks; I’d gotten the scoop on my phone, then returned home and used youtube for the highlight and twitter for the real-time reaction. A little stale, I thought, but no matter. I would take my nap and then get up and write.

The nap was perfect. Knocked right out, and when I woke my phone said 8 PM. I had a few emails, including one for the Marshall series, which I answered while still under the covers. I checked twitter and then facebook, and saw a hello from Train. “Miss you bro!” he had written. That made me smile, and I flipped over to his page to see what else was new with him.

Where I saw this: “I am so happy for my Hero Jay-Z… Check out his new song about Blue Ivy…

I’d heard earlier today that Beyonce had given birth, and now here was this song “Glory” from the proud papa. From my bed in Wicker Park, in the darkness of the room, I pressed play on my droid and listened to the new song. The music flowed from the phone on my chest:

“False alarms and false starts/ all made better by the sound of your heart…”

Somewhere in space and time a man’s child is born. In his joy he makes his art. And on the fifth anniversary of the iPhone I laid in bed 4100 miles from Paris and 300 miles from Brooklyn and listened to a song less than a day old honoring a child less than two days old.

Jay rapped, “Life is a gift, love/ open it up.” What an amazing world he’s living in.

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