And life was like a song.

Time To Settle Accounts

January 20, 2012: And life is like a song.

When I woke and went online, the top headline at BBC was about the temporary shelving of anti-piracy bills SOPA and PIPA. The second was about French soldiers killed in Afghanistan. The one that got my attention, made me sigh and smile, was news of the death of Etta James.

Immediately I flipped to youtube and pulled up “At Last.” Those sweet strings, the anticipation, and then that voice. As if no one else has ever sung a song.

As the song played, my mind danced back three years, January 20, 2009, our day in D.C. That night, after the inauguration, Barack and Michelle danced for the first time as President and First Lady while Beyonce serenaded them with the James classic. It was a beautiful tribute, a summation of the emotions felt by over 62 million Americans. It was song and performance as truth.

And then my mind skipped back to the present, and another performance, this one of our president singing Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” at a fundraiser at the Apollo yesterday. There, too, song and performance created truth, but not the truth I expected when I stood smiling in the cold three years ago. He seemed a desperate, clinging man, and I felt the same, and suddenly I craved a return to hope and change.

So I returned to youtube and watched Beyonce sing to President Obama, his wife, and his country. And those sweet words ringing, “at last,” “at last,” “at last.”

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