Time To Settle Accounts

January 29, 2012: Moneyball.

“…so then you’ll pick me up at Mustard’s at 1:10, we’ll head to the condo, fly right into Moneyball, and then I’ll watch the Bulls.”

“Okie doke. Can’t wait.”

“Me too. Very excited for this movie.”

“Good. Brad’s happy about that.”


“Brad Pitt. His friends call him Brad.”

“My mistake.”

“He’s up for Best Actor.”

“True, though I am more interested in Jonah Hill, formerly The-Funny-Fat-Kid-in-Superbad.”

“For supporting?”

“Yep. I always like when comedic actors make the move to drama.”

“Then thar ya go.”

“Of course, the real question is why all the fuss for a team that never won a World Series.”


“The A’s never won the Series! Jeez, they never even won the pennant. Mom, your man Brad? Never even won a pennant.”

“Well I think we should judge Brad on his performance. Let’s focus in the merits.”

“You mean of the movie, and not of the 10-year-old baseball team.”


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PREVIOUS: Bar stool perspective. (1.26.12)

Shout to DFW for the inspiration.


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