Dance with somebody.

Time to Settle Accounts

February 12, 2012: Dance with somebody.

“A year ago, we were in love.” – Alvy Singer.

He’s right, of course.

The day’s date popped in my head in early afternoon. “February 12.” Two days till Valentine’s, I thought, and I tried to remember where I was a year ago knowing I must have been with you. Miami?, so I flipped back through the pictures on my phone, and sure enough, there it was on shots of us at HOG HEAVEN on the way to the Keys, that little meat & booze stop right on the water: FEBRUARY 14, 2011, right in the corner.

A few photos back and I saw FEBRUARY 12, 2011, hard smiles in sunglasses. There was a lot of strained silliness that week, and always the right amount of drinking. After two fights in five days and the way you said “I’ve been so brave,” yes, I thought that was that.

From there it took a full five months to break away, plus another three to maintain it, plus another two to never speak again. (The last part in quotes, of course..)

..and so when the news came yesterday – “Whitney Houston dead at 48” – well, you understand why I didn’t call. You dancing to Whitney in the kitchen while we made breakfast, singing into the spatula. You telling me about dancing to Whitney in college. In high school. As a girl. Picturing you learning the news, dancing in the kitchen again, tears running slow. Picturing you calling your sister and singing together on the phone. Picturing. Picturing. Always now, that’s how it goes.

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