Time to Settle Accounts

February 21, 2012: Illuminating.

My Marshall True Star students were with the school’s hip-hop program gathering notes and observing for an upcoming story when conversation turned to the Illuminati.

“If there was one person who was Illuminati, you know who it was?” asked one of the student MCs. “Hitler.” He shook his head and shrugged.

“Hitler was that nigga,” he said, and as I tried to wrap my head around that sentence, he continued. “I mean, this dude went to prison and wrote a whole book about what he was gonna do! Published the book. Got out and was just like – ” he imitated Hitler stretching after prison, “iight, let’s do this.”

“And he wasn’t even what he said people should be,” said another student, jumping in. “Dark hair, dark eyes, short – ”

“That’s right. Short as hell.”

“And he was part Jew,” said the friend.

“Yep. If there was one dude he shoulda killed first, it was himself.” He shook his head again and laughed nervously. “Just crazy. I mean, didn’t anybody read that book?”

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5 Replies to “Illuminating.”

  1. Glad to read that the kids got it. When I first started reading your vignette, I thought the kids were going to admire Hitler for some twisted, ridiculous reason. Whew!

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