On February 29th.

Time to Settle Accounts

February 29, 2012: On February 29th.


“Brother brother brother brother brother,” he says when he picks up.

“Hey brother.”

“Hey brother.”

“You hear the news?”

The guy from the Monkees?”

“Closer to home.”


“Katie got engaged!”

“What?? That’s great! I have to call her.”

“Thought you’d want to know.”

“Happened today?”

“Saw it about twenty minutes ago.”

“I was on facebook this morning but it wasn’t there. That’s great news.”

“They wrote themselves a great February 29th from here on, you know?” I paused, thinking. “It won’t be their anniversary but it’s still an anniversary.”

“Oh yeah, leap year.” He paused. “So, what, they only really celebrate every four years?”

“No, it’s like people born on the 29th. They celebrate their birth and their approximate nother year of life every year, but every four years they set it off.”

“Just go big every four years,” he said, thinking. “That sounds pretty sweet.”

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Photo credit.

On a personal note, shout to the great Len Kendall, a very cool guy who made a very cool gal very happy and got great press in the meantime.


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