Best of ReadJack, February 2012


Decent month, work-wise. Only posted two interviews, with my DeRogatis interview coming next week. Only 14 TTSA’s compared to January’s 27, but they included a great mini-series during my time in Los Angeles. Also finished a story on leap day for the second time ever. (Here’s the first.)

February 2012 was a month of reflection and personal evaluation, which perhaps slowed my writing but was healthy in all other ways. In the approximate words of Stephen King from the brilliant On Writing“Life should not support your art. Art should support your life.”

And as The Happiness Project says, “Aim higher in March!” Sounds good to me. Here’s to it.


My favorite pieces from February 2012:

* TTSA: Bunnies. (2.4.12)… Acting. (2.5.12)… Bye. (2.7.12)… Happiness is. (2.9.12)… Many moons. (2.11.12)… Dance with somebody. (2.12.12)… Illuminating. (2.21.12)

* PWP: Tran Ha (2.1.12)… David Drake (2.15.12)

READJACK 2012 Best Of…



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