Time to Settle Accounts

June 21, 2012: Witness.


The text arrived 20 minutes after the buzzer sounded, 20 minutes after the Heat were champs, 20 minutes after LeBron got his ring.

“It shoulda been us…”

It was Ben, my compadre in Bulls basketball, the man with whom I commiserated during the anti-halcyon days of Corey Benjamin and Cory Carr, of Chris Carr and Kornel David, the days when no one, not even the Bulls, watched the Bulls. Ben and I attended the first post-MJ playoff game in 2005, witnessed the decline of Scott Skiles and the rise of Derrick Rose, ended every conversation for the past ten years with our standing sign-off “Go Bulls” be it August or June or January, be it 2002 or 2012.

Tonight, Bulls fans everywhere felt cause to echo Ben’s sentiments, as did hoops fans in Cleveland and Seattle, in Oklahoma and San Antonio.

But shoulda’s don’t buy happiness and coulda’s don’t win rings, and the man whose career was shrouded in the former is now elevated by the latter. For three straight years we watched LeBron shoulda, coulda, woulda his way home without the hardware for which he seemed destined. Did it make you feel good? Probably.

Did it make him give up?

Certainly not.

When your time comes, seize it. And when it’s your time, you’ll know: it WAS us. It was.

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