“A fun listen!” — a proud mom reviews 7 Sins by The Nocturnals

The Nocturnals - 7 Sins
The Nocturnals – 7 Sins

My buddies the Nocturnals have released “7 Sins,” their third album following 2010’s “Next Time It’s Personal” and 2011’s “To Be Continued.” Like those two, this record fuses the duo’s personalities into a playlist of weird bravado.

To celebrate the album, The Nocturnals are playing a FREE SHOW this Saturday night at Weeds (1555 N. Dayton, a few skips from the North/Clybourn/Halsted area and the Red Line.

Here is the event info.

Thank you to everyone who is spreading the word about the album, especially Tibs at GoWhereHipHop and Tumelo at Chicago Slam Works. More to come…

…starting now! Here’s a track-by-track album review by none other than Pam Nadeau, mother of Adrienne Nadeau, a spoken word poet featured on “Cardinal Virtues,” the album’s first song. Pam wrote a lovely review. I must share it. You must read it. And there we both are.




7 Sins

album review

by Pam Nadeau


I love ‘Cardinal Virtues‘ because Adrienne is a participant and I’ll never stop being a mom – haha – but its entertainment value goes way beyond that. The piece is beautifully composed – with a great beat – great words – and the ‘learn-to-be-mine’ interludes are compelling!


Sloth – Wow! – Excellent – and another strong beat.

Simple N Catchy (Greed) made me tap my toe!  The tune is exactly what it purports to be  – catchy – but the words are not simple at all – and they are absorbing!

Fourth Base Sluts (Lust) is original and clever –  a fun listen!

Wrath is gripping!  I love the lead-in beat – the initial roll-call of vices – and the great rapping/singing voices!

Pride offers more terrific rapping and singing – I hate to be repetitive – but your music and beats are fantastic!

Gluttony –  The Casablanca ‘refrains’ add so much – what an interesting use of those familiar words – I really like this one.  I love some of the phrases – such as    ‘…fun for the moment but it becomes hard to own it…’ and many other ideas that will undoubtedly resonate with your listeners – even if in a different context –  because the underlying feeling will be understood!

Then – out of nowhere- there is a ‘smoke weed every day’ interlude –  that is so random that it made me laugh out loud!  Again -you’re so very clever!

Why Not Love Me (Envy) – What a lovely voice she has!  When the deeper male voice joins in it is fantastic music – and poetry…


All in all you’ve put together a wonderful album!  Again I thank you for sharing it – I wish you the continued success you entirely deserve!


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