About ReadJack

January 7, 2009:


The writer, (above), seen making a serious face.

My name is Jack M Silverstein, and in the fabulously pretentious words of Rip Torn’s Q: “I… am a writer.” The readjack.com blog is just that: my website, readjack.com, in blog form. (“Remember readjack.com, Bart? It’s back. And in blog form!”) I will continue to update readjack regularly while also searching for ways to maximize the value of this site. I look forward to sharing my work with more readers as we advance the free exchange of ideas and explore this crazy, 21st century world of ours.


sincerely, Jack


5 Replies to “About ReadJack”

  1. Hey you, not sure how long you’ve had this but I really like the look and feel. It’s mature…but not in a stuffy or dull way.. it’s a smart and engaging pallet – like I wanna know if you’ve got anything interesting to say. Lol, that’s prob what you were going for, and it works. Hope you are well :)


  2. I just took a lonnnngggg “coffee break” from work and spent nearly an hour reading through your site. I couldn’t stop. One story led to another. I enjoyed the Matthew Modine interview (is he really 52 years old!!) and his observations about Stanley Kubrick. Maybe you’ll bump into Chello again. I wanted to know more about him. You’re truly an insightful, thought-provoking writer. Keep it up. And your Readjack.com site is pretty cool, too.

  3. I come onto your site just to read the good stuff, such as your “People with Passion” journalism series on the Chicago Tribune’s EyeOnChi and your Sun-Times interviews with Bears’ “Peanut” Tillman and Chris Conti, for examples. And now that I have discovered Jarett Payton’s Monday/Wed/Fri morning show on Chicagolandsports.com I am in 7th heaven. It’s like the old ChicagoSports Guys tv program with Rick Telander et al, only without the cigars. But mostly, since eyeone’s flying around the Twitterverse, I follow you at @readjack. I’m a fan @pswope2.

  4. What’s up Jack. You remember me from ETHS? Anyhow, seeing as how you’re covering sports and music and you’re a Bulls die-hard like me, I think you may like this. If you do, reposting/circulating the buzz would be much appreciated. Love from a fellow Wildkit,


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