A People with Passion correspondence, with Kubrick decoder Rob Ager

A People with Passion correspondence

Rob Ager, film analyst and Kubrick decoder

Interview conducted October 2010

The Meaning of the Monolith Revealed?

Good evening. Earlier this month, ReadJack.com recorded an interview via email correspondence with film analyst and Kubrick expert Rob Ager, at a distance of nearly 4000 miles from Chicago. It took pretty much no time at all for our words to reach Ager’s computer in Liverpool, but this time delay has been deleted from this recording. Continue reading “A People with Passion correspondence, with Kubrick decoder Rob Ager”


Four new People with Passion interviews at ReadJack.com

Stanley Kubrick (right) on the Discovery One set with actors Gary Lockwood and Keir Dullea.

Debuting four original People with Passion interviews this week at ReadJack.com. Two on Tuesday, two more on Thursday. Full PWP archives listed below. Enjoy!

— JMS, 10-18-10


Rob Ager, film analyst and Kubrick expert

Marcus Rezak, guitarist


Jenn Gibbons, ocean rower

Don Gordon, activist and author

PEOPLE WITH PASSION and 3 QUICK MINUTES archive Continue reading “Four new People with Passion interviews at ReadJack.com”

On the John: 2-0 and beyond the infinite

On the John

2-0 and beyond the infinite

Originally completed September 20, 2010

Zach Bowman, Julius Peppers, and Corey Graham celebrate the Bears third 2-0 start since I became a conscious sports fan. (AP Photo/Sharon Ellman)

Chicago Bears 2-0 starts in my lifetime (1981-present)

2006: 26-0 @ GB, 34-7 vs. Det… started 7-0, finished 13-3

2002: 27-23 vs. Min, 14-13 @ Atl… lost the next eight games, finished 4-12

1991: 10-6 vs. Min, 21-20 @ TB… started 4-0, finished 11-5

1990: 17-0 vs. Sea, 31-13 @ GB… started 3-0, finished 11-5

1989: 17-14 vs. Cin, 38-7 vs. Min… started 4-0, finished 6-10

1988: 34-7 vs. Mia, 17-13 @ Ind… lost next game, finished 12-4

1987: 34-19 vs. NYG, 20-3 vs. TB… started 4-0, finished 11-4 (strike)

1986: 41-31 vs. Cle, 13-10 vs. Phi… started 6-0, finished 14-2

1985: 38-28 vs. TB, 20-7 vs. NE… started 12-0, finished 15-1

1984: 34-14 vs. TB, 27-0 vs. Den… started 3-0, finished 10-6


Remember in 2001 when Dave disconnects/murders HAL? In his final moments of consciousness, HAL spouts off his earliest memories: his introductory speech (“Good afternoon, gentlemen…”) and the song “Daisy Bell.” In the speech, HAL tells Dave: “I became operational at the HAL plant in Urbana, Illinois, on the 12th of January 1992.” Continue reading “On the John: 2-0 and beyond the infinite”

Alex Jackson, Viddied Reviews

It’s funny how the colors of the real world only seem really real when you viddy them on the screen.

A long, long time ago, probably sophomore year of college, I discovered an independent film reviewer named Alex Jackson who specialized in breaking down the psychology and interconnectedness in Kubrick films. His main theory on Kubrick is laid out in his Eyes Wide Shut review:

“I see 1968’s 2001: A Space Odyssey as the Rosetta Stone in figuring out Kubrick. He depicts savage apes evolving into the comfortable sleepiness of modern civilized man and then evolving again into Star Children, angels, the great next step. Unless guided upon the right path by space aliens, Kubrick seems to believe, we’re perpetually stuck in our comfortable sleep.” Continue reading “Alex Jackson, Viddied Reviews”

From July 12, 2008: A night at the Crystal Castles concert

On the John presents…

A night at the Crystal Castles concert

Completed on July 12, 2008

The Crystal Castles
The Crystal Castles

When I got there Wednesday evening, the line was already stretched far down the alley ‘neath the Blue Line L tracks of Wicker Park, what seemed like miles away from the Double Door entrance we were all waiting to pass through. This, it seemed to me, was an excessively enormous gathering of people for a band I’d never really heard of. Indeed, if it hadn’t been for my brother and our friends Mok (rhymes with smoke) and Train insisting that I listen to their songs on the Myspace page, I may never have known that a band called Crystal Castles existed. I certainly would not have noticed the flyer announcing their free concert. I definitely would not have called MJ and Mok to tell them about the free concert. And I most certainly-definitely would not have found myself willingly standing in that line. Continue reading “From July 12, 2008: A night at the Crystal Castles concert”

From April 13, 2008: One small step for the most primitive of beings

On the John

One small step for the most primitive of beings

Originally completed April 13, 2008

The apes and their water hole.
The apes and their water hole.

During my most recent viewing of 2001: A Space Odyssey, I keyed in on something I’d never keyed in on before. It came during the opening ape sequence. The sequence begins with a title card THE DAWN OF MAN, followed by several shots of the Vast, Barren Landscape. We see sand and rock. We see bones of dead animals. We see…nothing. Then we see the apes. They scrounge for the same food as the neighboring tapirs. They are hassled by leopards. They clean each other. We see them as men because we know where they are headed, but we also see they are no better than the tapirs and certainly threatened by the leopards. Continue reading “From April 13, 2008: One small step for the most primitive of beings”