People with Passion: business woman Dorothy Claybourne


Interview May 17, 2010

Connecting the dots between art and business...

Business woman, artist, and all-around hip-hop connector Dorothy Claybourne. We are meeting at her studio in Wicker Park’s Flat Iron building. A large white wall leads to her studio; I was first drawn to her by that wall, and the giant black lettering that reached across it, reading: WHY DO PEOPLE HATE HIP-HOP? When I arrive today, “HATE” has been crossed out and replaced with “LOVE.”

Also present is friend Cristalle Bowen, better known as Psalm One. Claybourne and Bowen met at Whiteny Young High School – their friendship has since grown into a business partnership, with Claybourne working as Bowen’s business half. Continue reading “People with Passion: business woman Dorothy Claybourne”