People with Passion — rapper E-TRAIN


Interview February 10, 2007

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E-Train. (photo by Benjamin Schwartz)

Up-and-coming rapper/hip hop producer Erich Malo, known professionally as E-Train. Malo’s young career has featured four self-produced mixtapes (2006’s Dragon’s Breath and The Wrath of Roxane, 2007’s Rising of the Phoenix, and 2008’s White After Labor Day) along with an extended catalogue of unreleased mixtape tracks. The Wrath of Roxane LP due out September of 2008. Career highlights include opening for KRS-One at hip-hop shop The Bassment in Chicago and being featured on DJ G-Spot’s Midwest Invasion 4.

The first thing that I am drawn to whenever I watch you in here is the transition from sitting at your chair writing lyrics into a point at which you’re ready to record…when you’re ready to transfer that onto the mic. What is that transition for you, as far as how your mind is previously, and how your mind is as you set up?

To be honest, I just sit down and find a beat or think about something—anything…the beat can push me, or I’ve got something on my mind, some other reason to make a certain kind of song, and I’ll sit down and write the lyrics. When I get to a point where I fill a certain amount of space—a verse or a bar, whatever it is I want to record—I usually just grab a beat and run with it. There’s no real change there; I’m reading it while I’m writing it, then I’m just reading it when I’m rapping it…it’s just part of the process. Continue reading “People with Passion — rapper E-TRAIN”