Radio, TV, and podcast appearances, 2015-present

Me and Laurence Holmes for my Score debut, July 15, 2016. Thanks Laurence!

Radio, TV, and podcast appearances

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2015 – present

11 JUN 2017 — Talking about the 20-year anniversary of Michael Jordan’s Flu Game, and other NBA topics, with Jarrett Payton on CLTV SportsFeed

10 JUN 2017 — Talking Jordan vs. LeBron + NBA SuperTeams on the D & Davis Show on Regal Radio

6 JUN 2017 — Talking all things Chicago Bears with host Robert Zeglinski on Windy City Gridiron Radio

1 JUN 2017 — Talking about the Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James GOAT debate (and this article), with host Julie DiCaro on 670 The Score

26 MAR 2017 Talking about Jerry Krause after his death with Weekend Gabe Mendoza on WLUW’s Morning Rush

21 MAR 2017 — Talking about Jerry Krause after his death, with host Laurence Holmes on 670 The Score

30 JAN 2017 — Talking with former Chicago Bulls sharpshooter Craig Hodges about his book “Long Shot”, with Justin Kaufmann on The Download on WGN

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How The GOAT Was Built: 6 Life Lessons From the 1996 Chicago Bulls

GOAT cover (book by Jack Silverstein, design by Zachary Gibson, Bag Fry)

Way back in October, back when the Bulls’ record of 72 wins was safe, I began an essay about the 12 moves the Bulls made between June 1993 and October 1995 that turned an aged, bickering, 57-win champion into a flourishing, rejuvenated, 72-win juggernaut.

Seven months later, I have a 13,000-word e-book and have spent more time reading about and watching clips of the 1995-96 Bulls than any time other than 1995-96. I’ll save you the suspense: It’s been a sweet 7 months!

Thus I am very proud to release “How The GOAT Was Built: 6 Life Lessons From the 1996 Chicago Bulls.”

READ AND DOWNLOAD THE PDF VERSION: How the GOAT was built — by Jack M Silverstein

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More e-book options to come.

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“My coach is everything” — Phil Jackson’s influence on the 1996 Chicago Bulls

Lesson 6 copy

Excerpt from “How The GOAT Was Built: Six Life Lessons From the 1996 Chicago Bulls

Lesson #6: Find a coach who will help you be your best self

by Jack M Silverstein (@readjack)

In the summer of 1996, after winning his fourth championship, Michael Jordan came within 30 minutes of signing with the New York Knicks.

“New York was right downstairs,” Jordan told Spike Lee in “Best Seat In the House.” “The Bulls — all they had to do was mess up.”

The Knicks had an offer on the table for Jordan: one year, $25 million. “We told (Jordan’s team) they could have all our cap room,” Madison Square Garden President Dave Checketts said at the time.

Could Michael Jordan have joined the Knicks? According to the man himself, it almost happened in 1996. (Photo illustration by Patrick Ortega, found at

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The Other 10: How Phil Jackson and Jerry Krause rebuilt the totem pole and created a new champion

Lesson 3

Excerpt from “How The GOAT Was Built: Six Life Lessons From the 1996 Chicago Bulls

Lesson #3: Surround yourself with humble talent for a unified mission

by Jack M Silverstein (@readjack)

The biggest fallacy about the 1990s Bulls is that they won six championships. That is, that one team won six.

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33-23 = 1.8, but 33+23 = 72

Lesson 2

Excerpt from “How The GOAT Was Built: Six Life Lessons From the 1996 Chicago Bulls” (Read the book here)

Lesson #2: Don’t be afraid to push your limits — or to find peace and excellence within them

by Jack M Silverstein (@readjack)

The championship Bulls don’t work without Scottie Pippen. So naturally the Bulls tried to trade him approximately a bajillion times between 1994 and 1998. In telling the story of the 1996 Bulls — and gleaning from that story wisdom for our own lives and pursuits — two abandoned Pippen trades stand out.

Incredibly, both failed because the OTHER team balked.

The first was between the Bulls and SuperSonics on the eve of the 1994 draft, the Pippen-for-Kemp deal that failed when Seattle got cold feet.

The second was in February 1995, when the Clippers tried to acquire Pippen at a time when he was dead set on leaving.

“I don’t want to be here (with the Bulls) the rest of the season,” Pippen said in early February. “I’m hoping teams are thinking about me. I’m still ready to get out of here. I’m looking for a different place, a different team, a different perspective on my career. I’ve got 18 days to go (to the February 23 trading deadline). The countdown is on. Just say I’m showcasing myself out here.” Continue reading “33-23 = 1.8, but 33+23 = 72”

Dec. 1, 2010: Dancing days for the Chicago Bulls

From November 2010 to May 2011, I wrote for a site called “The Sports Blog Network,” a sports website launched by Chris Reed. The site folded, as websites do, and at some point in the past year (maybe longer?) the content was removed.

I loved the work I did there and appreciated the opportunity Chris gave me (thanks man!) so I am reposting all of those stories on ReadJack.


Dancing days for the Chicago Bulls

Originally published on Sports Blog Network December 1, 2010

When the Bulls stormed Phoenix in November 2010 and beat the Suns in double OT, Bulls fans could knew this team was special.
When the Bulls stormed Phoenix in November 2010 and beat the Suns in double OT, Bulls fans could knew this team was special.

In just a few minutes, the Chicago Bulls will take floor at the United Center to, I presume, the greatest of heroes’ welcomes bestowed on a Bulls team since Game 5 of the 1998 Finals, or, at least, Game 6 of the Celtics series.

That is because, for the first time since those ring-bearing Bulls of Jordan and Pippen, Jackson and Rodman, the Red and Black have run the annual circus trip gauntlet and secured more wins than losses.

Defeated the two should-be gimmes on the docket – Houston and Sacramento – and toppled the Mavericks of Nowitzki and the Suns of Nash. Lost to the L’s best team by seven, to its hottest by nine, and to one of its most talented by one.

That last came with their best player and the Eastern Conference’s leading scorer on the pine with a sore neck. No matter – if not for a just-signed, ice cold D-Leaguer bricking a pair of foul shots with 12 seconds to play, the Bulls of Rose and Noah and Thibs and Lu would have banged out that win too. Continue reading “Dec. 1, 2010: Dancing days for the Chicago Bulls”

On the John: When Kobe met Michael… and other stories…

On the John

When Kobe met Michael… and other stories…

Originally completed June 17, 2010

So close…

Ten minutes after Game 6 was in the books, Scoop texted:

“Game 7. Who you got?”

As always, I was excited for the hoops talk. In fact, before responding to Scoop, I called Bulls beat reporter Chris Cason to discuss everything from the Perkins injury to The Incredible Hops of Shannon Brown. We spoke for a half hour, and it still took me another hour to give Scoop my answer. I just did not want to face it.

Which is curious. Because a sports prompt like “Game 7. Who you got?” is usually the type of discussion I relish. Something about the way Boston had lost… Continue reading “On the John: When Kobe met Michael… and other stories…”

On the John: Vinny and me

On the John

Vinny and me

Originally completed May 5, 2010

It was all sunshine and smiles for Vinny Del Negro on June 9, 2008.

My complicated fan relationship with coach Vinny Del Negro began May 24, 2008, the day I applied for the Bulls’ then-vacant head coaching spot. It was a chaotic time for the organization. After three consecutive trips to the postseason, the Bulls had collapsed, firing Scott Skiles and flopping to a 33-49 record under interim coach Jim Boylan. After Boylan was heaved April 17, Pax and Reinsdorf began their search for a new head coach. Continue reading “On the John: Vinny and me”

On the John: What’s rings got to do with it?

On the John

What’s rings got to do with it?

Originally completed December 8, 2009


Allen Iverson is a 76er.

The franchise’s most controversial star since Sir Charles asked out. Its most exciting since Doc hung ’em up. Its most dominant since Moses was exiled. The man responsible for its best season since Fo-Fi-Fo.

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