Good Tunes for Two Bucks, focus on… Tell Your Friends’s Good Tunes for Two Bucks

“Dance If You’re With Us” by Tell Your Friends

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Tell Your Friends -- "Dance If You're With Us" (photo by Xaq Mayfield)

WHY IT’S ON THE CD: Like E-Train, The Nocturnals, and drummer Daniel Crane of Eyes Manouche, I grew up with two of the four members of Tell Your Friends, lead singer Daniel Schor and guitarist Brad Meyers. However, during our hang-out days at Wilmette Junior High and New Trier, if Schor and Meyers were playing music, it was all kept secret to me. I did not discover their band Tell Your Friends until a year ago, when we reconnected on Facebook after drifting apart junior year of high school. I caught up with them at The Empty Bottle, where Schor gave me their four-track EP Live Around Here Often?, and then caught them again at Subterranean in August.

Their live show is a… and like Roger Ebert’s feelings on Mulholland Drive, there’s no way to finish that sentence. So I’ll make two comments. 1. Read my narrative on Schor and the band that ran in Performer Magazine’s blog (see below), and 2. “Dance If You’re With Us,” the track I selected for Good Tunes for Two Bucks, is a beautiful, rocking, damn fine number that leaves me satisfied with each listen. I’m pleased to have it in my collection, a fitting close to a kick-ass CD. Continue reading “Good Tunes for Two Bucks, focus on… Tell Your Friends”


A People with Passion correspondence, with Kubrick decoder Rob Ager

A People with Passion correspondence

Rob Ager, film analyst and Kubrick decoder

Interview conducted October 2010

The Meaning of the Monolith Revealed?

Good evening. Earlier this month, recorded an interview via email correspondence with film analyst and Kubrick expert Rob Ager, at a distance of nearly 4000 miles from Chicago. It took pretty much no time at all for our words to reach Ager’s computer in Liverpool, but this time delay has been deleted from this recording. Continue reading “A People with Passion correspondence, with Kubrick decoder Rob Ager”

Roger Ebert: The Essential Man (Chris Jones, Esquire)

Roger Ebert: The Essential Man (photo by Ethan Hill)

I just finished reading Chris Jones’ marvelous story on Roger Ebert from February 16th. It is touching and beautiful both in subject and structure; funny, intelligent, insightful, totally Ebert, and though I’ve never read any of his other work, totally Chris Jones. Excerpted below is my immediate favorite portion. I am guessing there will be more when I return, which I will.

Ebert’s work has always meant a lot to me. As a writer new to the film review game during my freshman year at Indiana, I wrote my reviews first  and then immediately read his. I couldn’t read his first because I loved them so much and didn’t want his wonderful words affecting mine.

Just with this brief introduction, I can already feel my own need to write 600, 850, 1000 words on Ebert and his work. So I will stop now and leave you with Jones’ remarkable story, as well as links to three of my favorite Ebert reviews, one for his humor, one for his refusal to write a straight review if a movie has not earned it, and one for his own passion and insight. Continue reading “Roger Ebert: The Essential Man (Chris Jones, Esquire)”