Bears-Packers preview with Tony the Packers fan, 2007 edition

From October 6, 2007, originally published at the sadly now defunct

Chicago Bears (1-3) @ Green Bay Packers (4-0)

Don't it feel good?
Don't it feel good?

WEEK 5 preview

Every year, somewhere in the midst of Bears-Packers week, I get the phone call. The NAME ID reads “SBXXXI Sucked.” The caller is Tony Lonien, arguably the only Packer fan I completely respect. Sometimes he calls to smack talk, and when he does, it is intelligent, focused, and painful. He knows what hurts. When Aaron Rodgers fell to Green Bay in the 2005 Draft at pick 24, Tony called and left the following message: “We just got our Favre replacement. Enjoy the next ten years.” Continue reading “Bears-Packers preview with Tony the Packers fan, 2007 edition”